3″ x 3″ Patch

$2.50 per patch and includes predetermined laser etching *call for customization details*

Tell us what customized design you would like. You can give us a call at (712) 792-9641 or email us at kaylee@thermoplaz.com for a mockup and details.

*shipping is not included in price


PTH801 3″ x 3″ Square Light Brown Patch with Adhesive
PTH802 3″ x 3″ Square Rawhide Patch with Adhesive
PTH803 3″ x 3″ Square Black/Silver Patch with Adhesive
PTH804 3″ x 3″ Square Gray Patch with Adhesive
PTH805 3″ x 3″ Square Dark Brown Patch with Adhesive
PTH806 3″ x 3″ Square Black/Gold Patch with Adhesive
PTH807 3″ x 3″ Square Pink Patch with Adhesive
PTH808 3″ x 3″ Square Teal Patch with Adhesive
PTH809 3″ x 3″ Square Blue/Silver Patch with Adhesive
PTH810 3″ x 3″ Square Rustic/Gold Patch with Adhesive
PTH811 3″ x 3″ Square Red Patch with Adhesive


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