Utility Tools

Prices vary per item (check description for price). The price includes predetermined laser etching *call for customization details*

Tell us what customized design you would like. You can give us a call at (712) 792-9641 or email us at kaylee@thermoplaz.com for a mockup and details.

*shipping is not included in price



GFT016 4″ Wood Handle Utility Knife Price $13.00

GFT014 4 1/2″ Wood Handle Knife Price $15.00
GFT015 4 1/2″ Black Anodized Aluminum Handle Knife Price $15.00

GFT010 3 1/2″ Wooden 8-Function Multi-Tool Pocket Knife Price $8.00

GFT011 3 1/2″ Black 8-Function Multi-Tool Pocket Knife Price $8.00
GFT012 3 1/2″ Red 8-Function Multi-Tool Pocket Knife Price $8.00
GFT013 3 1/2″ Blue 8-Function Multi-Tool Pocket Knife Price $8.00

GFT059 16′ Black/Silver Tape Measure w/1 1/2″ Insert Area, 1-sided/Insert Not Included Price $10.00

GFT058 6-Foot Black Pocket Tape Measure w/Carabiner, 2-sided, 1″ Insert Not Included Price $6.25

GFT038 6 1/2″ Wrench Multi-Tool with Wood Handle/Bag Price $25.00

GFT043 6 3/4″ Hammer Multi-Tool with Wood Handle/Pouch Price $28.00


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